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Captain Deplorable's Cell Phone Package includes all Cell Phone Soundbites from versions 1.0 & 2.0. Each notification/soundbite contains a different phrase.

You will receive a collection of Messages and Phone Notifications inspired by your Favorite President as an Instant Download. This is YUUGE!


18 Soundbites Included in this Package!


Wake Up Alarm

Voicemail Recording

Text Message Notification

Email Message Notification

General Phone Notification

Reminder Notification

Calendar Notification

Voicemail Notification

Timer Notification

Ringtone 2.0

Wake Up Alarm 2.0

Voicemail Greeting 2.0

Text Message Notification 2.0

Email Message Notification 2.0

Calendar Notification 2.0

Voicemail Notification 2.0

Timer Notification 2.0


Want a Custom Message instead? Click Here

1.0 & 2.0 Cell Phone Package by Captain Deplorable 18 Instant Downloads

SKU: SB104
  • Instant Download is emailed to you in mp3 format after purchase.

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