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What is happening? Food Processing Plants Destroyed, Millions of Chickens Destroyed.

The Main Stream Media, like Reuters, will call it a Conspiracy Theory, but have you heard about the incidents that have been taking place at Food Processing Plants across the US?

Gateway Pundit published an article with an interactive list and map of the US-based food manufacturing plants that have been destroyed or impacted since 2021.

Suddenly there are reports of Food Processing Plants being destroyed by fires and even planes crashing into them on several occasions. According to the CDC over 40 million poultry have been affected this year (at the publication of this article. Click the link to view the current number).

When was the last time this occurred? Would you believe that it was in 2015? Newsmax published an article on May 17, 2015 reporting on the "2 million hens that were set to be destroyed . . . bringing the total of infected birds to 35 million in 15 states".

Is there a current risk of bird flu affecting humans?

According to the CDC, risk to the general public is low. According to the Cleveland Clinic, you can't get bird flu from eating properly processed poultry. Those at highest risk of infection are those who work at the facilities.

How Dangerous is Bird Flu?

I was wondering the same thing, so I searched those exact words and found this publication from Yale University from February, 6 2004. This is a Q & A Article by Pulitzer-prize winning science journalist Laurie Garrett. The second question in the article is: "QUESTION: Current evidence indicates this avian flu, as well as nearly all other influenza viruses that spread among people, originated in China. Why? ANSWER: These avian viruses have opportunities to mutate and become lethal to human beings that are almost entirely based in the Chinese ecology. Almost all new influenza strains originate in China."

What other virus recently came from China?

Here is an article from the New York Post that was published on November 4, 2021 referencing a letter that confirmed that the Wuhan lab’s COVID-19 leak was funded by US Taxpayers.

What do you think? Is there something to this Bird Flu epidemic? Do you think it is just a coincidence that bird flu strains originate in China? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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