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The ReTruth Heard Around the World

If you're not on Truth Social yet, you can count on the Captain's Blog to bring you up to speed! President Trump posted on Truth Social for the first time on February 14th, Posted for the Second Time on April 28th, and ReTruth'd (Reposted a Post) for the first time on April 29th. Which account is the ReTruth Heard Around the World?? None other than @CaptainDeplorable45!

The Captain Deplorable 45 Team joined Truth Social two days after President Trump's first Truth. On February 16th when we joined, we were President Trump's 316th Follower on Truth Social.

Since the first Truth, a lot has happened on President Trump's account. He is now following 2 accounts, Truth Social and Truth Social Support.

President Trump is posting a lot more often now and has repeatedly said that he has no interest in posting on Twitter if his account is reactivated.

Now, we have you wondering. What did we post that President Trump ReTruthed to his account?

Here is the the Special Video of Captain Deplorable 45 himself, welcoming President Trump back to Truth Social!

Tell us what you think in the comments!

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