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  • Saundra B.

The MAGA King and MAGA Prince

Biden and his team did a lot of work to come up with the most recent nickname for America Loving Citizens, Ultra MAGA. The Washington Post reported that this nickname wasn't another of Biden's "gaffe's" but the result of a 6 month research project.

Shortly after the Ultra MAGA insult came about Biden doubled down and called Trump the MAGA King. Immediately, all over social media, meme's and comments were being shared. Donald Trump Jr even shared this Meme with the comment "I'm really embracing my role as THE GREAT MAGA PRINCE."

President Trump "ReTruth'd" several Meme's as well.

This is one of my favorite Meme's about the MAGA King:

In true "Woke" fashion and to quote our Great President Trump, "Everything Woke turns to $h!t." The Left tried to insult the American People and we turned it around and took it as a compliment. Which, is always an effective way to deal with bullies.

Tell us what you think in the comments. Do you think Ultra MAGA or MAGA King are insults?

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