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Monkeypox: Recent Cases Announced along with a New Treatment

For many, Monkeypox sounds like a new disease. Many news outlets, including the NY Post, reported that on May 18th, the first United States cases of Monkeypox were reported. According to the CDC, Monkeypox is a rare disease.

The day after reports came out about Monkeypox cases in the United States, the FDA approved a new Intravenous treatment called TPOXX to be used for Monkeypox. Most Americans are used to the government moving very slowly, but in this case the FDA approved a new drug within one day of a disease appearing in the US. A side note, the company that makes this drug is affiliated with Pfizer. Several mainstream media outlets are claiming that SIGA Technologies, the company that makes TPOXX, is not affiliated with Pfizer, however, here is a document from EdisonGroup which is an Investment Research, Investor Relations & Consulting Firm, that tells a different story.

Today, May 27th, the CDC released recommendations about the Monkeypox vaccine. The Daily Mail published this article about it. The two vaccines they mention in their recommendation are ACAM200 and JYNNEOS. The company that manufacturers JYNNEOS is Bavarian Nordic.

Would you be surprised to learn that there is currently a clinical trial involving JYNNEOS and TPOXX that is in Stage 2? Here is the link to the trial:

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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