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Are Texas and Arizona busing Migrants to DC?

President Trump initiated the 'Remain in Mexico' policy, formally called Migrant Protection Protocols, which basically means that migrants who cross the border into the US are returned to Mexico until the date of their hearing. The Yucatan Times published this article on November 15, 2019, with quotes from border agents confirming that the 'Remain in Mexico' policy deterred migrants from illegally crossing the border due to the consequences.

It appears that with the Biden Administration, policies at the border are much more lenient. Even CNN reported on Biden's Immigration problems back on March 27, 2021. More recently, Fox published this article about Biden's Failed Immigration Policies, on May 24, 2022.

The Heritage Foundation has published an article back in November, 2021 stating that Biden's Immigration Policies are a National Security Threat.

Governor Abbott of Texas held a press conference on May 23, 2022 and announced that as of that date, May 23rd, 45 buses of migrants have been transported to Washington DC. Where do the migrants go once they get off of the buses? The Daily Caller did some investigative journalism and here is an article that answers that very question.

Wondering how many migrants have been bused to DC as of May 13, 2022? The Daily Caller published this article that answers that question as well.

Arizona is also busing migrants to DC, but they are receiving a lot less media coverage on their efforts. Newsmax published this article about it, The Hill has reported on it, as well as The Washington Examiner.

Have you noticed an increase in migrants in your community? Why do you think these Governors are sending the migrants to DC rather than having them go back across the border to Mexico? Is it possible that they are doing this so that it sounds like they are doing something positive for the American people, bringing attention to the border crossers, but in reality, they are providing a benefit for the migrants who now are being provided with free transportation deeper into the country?

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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