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Custom Soundbite/Message Requests!

Fill out the form below and place your order for a Custom Request! Captain Deplorable will deliver the custom audio message to your email address as a MP3 File (for an audio message) or MP4 File (for a video message) within 7-10 business days.

Helpful Hint! Be specific, please provide bullet points and highlights that you would like included within your message. *If you have names or words in your request that are unusual or uncommon, please spell them phonetically or email an audio clip to referencing the name or email address you used when placing your order.

Examples of Custom Soundbites:

Custom Message for Birthday, Celebration, Holiday. Ad for your Business.

Custom Ringtone, Voicemail Message (This message is for), Voicemail Greeting (You've reached the voicemail of), Alarm Clock Message, and More!

Order your Custom Soundbite

Please provide a description of what you're looking for, bullet points and highlights of the details are best. 

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Select which Custom Message you would like

Thank you for your Order!

Custom Messags & Sounbites
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